Hard Naks Speed Camps now on Friday's only!!

Join us every week to receive High Quality training in Speed, Agility, Balance, and Core! The speed camps will be approximately one and a half hours every Wednesday, and attendees will be grouped by age for the most appropriate training and work-out. The cost is just $20.00 per day (cash or credit only please).

Friday Times:

All Ages: 4:00pm-5:30pm

The goal of these camps are to:

  • Educate children and young adults about the comprehensive training techniques needed to become a high performance athlete in any sport
  • To increase the self esteem of children and young adults as they master various training techniques and improve their performance
  • To improve the health and strength of children and young adults who want to continue with a life long commitment to sports

 The Speed camps will specifically include:

  • Training and drills that will increase running speed, acceleration, and agility
  • A individualized exercise program for each age group with the goal to increase the overall speed and agility needed for high performance in any sport

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